Our Carob Products

Carob syrup (Carob molasses)
Carob powder (food and feed grade)
Kibbled carob (KLB)
Carob seeds (LBK)
Locust bean gum (LBG)
Carob germ (CG)

Whole Carobs

The carob pod is the fruit of the carob tree, an autochthonous tree of the Mediterranean coast, which has an elongated pod shape, with seeds in the interior, carob seeds.

It is an energetic food by nature since it contains between 40-50% of natural sugars, which characterizes it of a sweet taste. The main producers countries of carobs are: Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Algeria and Greece.

carob products distribution

  • Sugars (40-55%)
  • Proteins (8-12%)
  • Fat (1-3%)

  • Calories (100gr 290-315Kcal)
  • Fibers (10-13%)
  • Gluten free

Look into Carob Syrup

Carob syrup is a traditional sweetener produced through the meticulous extraction of sugars and soluble fibers from aged Ceratonia siliqua pods. A cultivated crop in Mediterranean regions for millennia, carob syrup harnesses nutrients from the pods in a smoothly viscous liquid form. Containing a balanced composition of natural sugars along with antioxidant polyphenols and prebiotic fibers, carob syrup makes for a nutritious and slowly absorbed alternative to sugar when enjoyed in moderation.

carob syrup
carob powder

Benefits of Carob Powder

Carob promotes the formation of red blood cells, helping to prevent anaemia. Helps regulate intestinal transit by fighting constipation also balances blood pH caring the cardiovascular system. The carob powder strengthens our bones and teeth and
prevents the formation of blood clots, aso promotes the proper functioning of the immune system. One of the main actions of carob powder is to prevent the formation of stones or stones in the kidneys. Carob helps the prostate gland function and improves memory health.