Carob Germ

Natural protein from carob germ

Key points

  • Nutrient composition – It is a nutrient-dense ingredient rich in protein.
  • Processing method – The carob pods are harvested, seeds extracted and milled. The germ is separated from the seed coat and fiber to produce the powder.
  • Applications – It can be used in protein bars, smoothies, baked goods and other foods/dishes, adding protein and thickness without a strong flavor.
  • Emerging popularity – Demand for the powder is growing as more consumers seek plant-based, whole food protein sources without common allergens for use in functional foods and supplements.


  • 25 kg bags.
  • In bulk.
  • 1 mt big bag.


Carob germ protein powder, also referred to as carob protein flour, is produced from the inner kernel portion of the carob fruit pod. For many years, the carob seed has predominantly been utilized to extract locust bean gum, a thickening agent widely employed in various food products like ice cream, cream cheese, jellies and dressings.

carob germ

The carob germ protein powder is focused on the nutritious germ component separated from the carob seed, and can contain anywhere from 30% to 55% protein content. It has a light yellow color and earthy nutty flavor. As an ingredient, it is free from common allergens and antibotics, and supplies both soluble and insoluble fiber. It has emerged as a popular non-dairy, plant-based protein alternative for vegans, vegetarians and those pursuing plant-centric diets since it contains no animal products or lactose. Additionally, its protein content provides nutrition without concerns for people managing celiac disease.